Back of the book index

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Date: 27 August 2009
Subject: Back of the book index (BoBI)

In our usual conversation on how to improve UiTM's knowledge production and ranking , I spoke to Prof Normah regarding Back of the Book Index (BoBI) ...And she straights away agreed to have me(!?) to talk about it in a room full of Book Writers! They already have about 50 books to publish.

ARI (Accounting Research Institute) - I vote the best COE in UiTM, any time - set the date for the talk on Tuesday 01 September 2009@12.00 noon.

I have done two BoBI so far...and do I command the language of an Indexer....?
As a librarian, perhaps it is usual for us to work with index , but BoBI is quite new for us in UiTM ...anyway, we must try our best to fulfill the needs of our user... for the sake of UiTM!

Anyone interested to hear my talk on BoBI please feel free to join us at Level 12 of Menara SSAS next week!

Report by : Khasiah Zakaria