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Komen atau cadangan boleh dilontarkan didalam ruangan kotak komen 
dibawah ini. Terima kasih.


Pengajian Tinggi Pemacu Daya Saing Malaysia

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Baru-baru ini, saya telah menyampaikan Amanat Tahun Baharu 2013 kepada seluruh warga Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi. Amanat kali ini memberikan tumpuan kepada sumbangan pengajian tinggi dalam memacu daya saing Malaysia. Tema ini dipilih kerana pengajian tinggi kini  bertujuan bukan sahaja memenuhi tuntutan dan kepentingan dalaman negara semata-mata, tetapi menentukan apakah Malaysia mampu mengekalkan daya saingnya dalam pentas global.

Bagi memenuhi tujuan ini, amanat telah memilih lapan agenda iaitu kajian semula Pelan Strategik Pengajian Tinggi Negara (PSPTN), merekayasa Institusi Pengajian Tinggi, menjana ekonomi berinovasi, menjamin kualiti Institusi Pengajian Tinggi, memperkukuhkan kebolehpasaran graduan, pemetaan baharu pengantarabangsaan, pendidikan untuk semua dan budaya kerja berinovatif.

Hasrat Malaysia menjadi sebuah negara maju berpendapatan tinggi telah banyak mengubah pendekatan kerajaan untuk melaksanakan transformasi dalam semua bidang. Ini kerana negara tidak boleh lagi mengambil langkah berdikit-dikit, tetapi bersikap transformatif yang menghasilkan impak yang lebih besar.

Pelan transformasi kerajaan termasuk Program Transformasi Ekonomi (ETP) dan Model Baharu Ekonomi (MBE) memerlukan peranan kritikal sektor pengajian tinggi. Ini bermakna, polisi dan perancangan strategik berkaitan pengajian tinggi juga perlu selari dan benar-benar menyokong agenda transformasi negara. Sehubungan dengan itu juga, kementerian akan mengkaji semula Pelan Strategik Pengajian Tinggi Negara (PSPTN).


Literature review made easy

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The pen is mightier than the sword but to many, writing is difficult.  Researchers lament that running experiment in labs is peanuts but reporting is hard.   However, believing to first attain skills, creativity comes later, Dr Teoh Sian Hoon of the Faculty of Education, has created an Integrative Literature Review Software to assist academics and students to write the literature reviews of their research.

Though important, reviewing an article or synthesizing a model is unfortunately not as tangible and clear-cut as a research design.  Hence many encounter difficulties in writing a comprehensive literature review and synthesizing a conceptual framework.   Unlike a literature review, a research design has a concrete outline of the method of data collection and data analysis, thus this forces university students to attend courses on writing it.

Although most university students attend training session to write research paper during their studies,  Teoh  said, despite the training, writing a good literature review still poses major challenge to most of us.
Teoh’s survey on university students’ description and understanding on literature review revealed that the supervisors of postgraduates need to accept literature reviews as a problem area for students. She noted there is a need to develop strategies and tools to help the students have a clear picture on writing.

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Engineering Research: from the Ivory Tower Reaching out to the Disabled Community

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Engineering is often envisaged as the branch of knowledge connected to maths and sciences to solve real-world problems. In most parts of the world, any person who wishes to practice as an engineer must first successfully complete an accredited degree in engineering. Therein lays the path to pursue postgraduate study to individuals who wish to reach the highest levels of his or her capabilities. Such pursuit relies greatly on the opportunities and the wealth of researches that are accessible in the institutions of higher learning. 

Undeniably, on-going research is the beating pulse of the university. It is the catalyst to the number of grants acquiredfrom the government and private sector; and of course the ‘magnet’ that draws postgraduate students to the particular university. Despite all this, the research in engineering needs to be motivated by the ‘values’ it carries into the society. Then only the gap between the academia (often termed as the ‘ivory tower’) and the community can be bridged together.

Robotics is a branch of engineering that involves the operations and applications of robot technology. The research trend in this area is experiencing a paradigm shift from industrial robots towards socially assistive robotics and human-friendly robots. 

Rehabilitation robotics is part of the notion for robots to play substantial role in healthcare and specific rehab interventions for the elderly people and persons affected by neurodevelopmental disorders such as Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). With robotic intervention, it is hoped that the quality of life for the disabled can be made better and they may gain more independence in their daily lives.

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ATTENTION! Endnote X6 is now AVAILABLE for download

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Download and use this software to assist you in your writings.  Contact us or email to us at if you have any enquiries regarding this.

For smooth downloading, we recommend that you read this POST  before extracting the WINRAR file.