Books on research method : e-readings for you via SAGE Research Method Online

Have you tried using an online database titled SRMO or SAGE Research Method Online to find books? 

This online database consists of 175 pages of contents from books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, major works, journal articles, Little Green Books, Little Blue Books and videos.  Designed mostly for those in the social sciences, this e-reading and reference will help researchers, lecturers and students answer their research methods and research design questions.  

You may find it by clicking the Database icon in our PTAR Portal. Registered users accessing from outside the campus will have to sign in using Easy Access

To know the titles of resources contained in the database, please click here SRM List of titles in PDF

To get a glimpse of what SRMO offers, just click on the selected topics provided here.  Please take note that the list is not comprehensive, you may want to explore more topics that you like by searching the database yourself. Users from off campus must sign in to get result from the links.

Research Question
Literature Review
Literature Search
Research Design
Research Methodology
Qualitative Research
Qualitative Methods
Quantitative Research
Quantitative Methods
Research Proposal 
Research Ethics
Data Collection

How to search the contents

You may search by using authors, editors, keywords, titles, methods and types of resources. Here I am using mixed method as the keyword, and SRMO has returned 2044 hits, sorted by Relevance. I may also choose Title or Publication date as my preference in result listing.

Next, say i want to find readings or find cases using mixed methods in the field of Education.  So I use the Refine by Subject Areas on the right column, check the subject box on Education, click on Go and the result returned is 27.

I further refine by checking Interview from the Refine by Method Map terms and hit the Go button.  You can check more than one subject in the list though, and I wish SRMO could have provide more subject options for us to choose.

Well I now have 8 results listed with link to fulltext articles for me to choose and read.  Isn’t that easy? 

Do explore all the functions available.  

Try signing in for Method List to gather all your results or see other member’s result list. Or explore Methods Map to discover the relationships between methods and get the content related to them.  

According to SRMO, the Methods Map is an exciting and innovative visualization tool that can be used to discover  relationships between methods, to discover new methods and to find content related to them. We believe that these functions are particularly useful to new researchers.

Till then, happy trying!

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