What is Journal Selection Process? part#2

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The Evaluation Process

Journal evaluation and selection is ongoing at Thomson Reuters with journals added to and deleted from the database as frequently as every two weeks. Each year, Thomson Reuter`s editorial staff reviews over 2,000 journal titles, and selects around 10-12% of the journals evaluated for inclusion in the database.

Moreover, existing journal coverage in Thomson Reuters products is constantly under review. Journals now covered are monitored to ensure that they are maintaining high standards and a clear relevance to the products in which they are covered.

The journal selection process described here is applied to all journals in Web of Science, whether covered in Science Citation Index Expanded, Social Sciences Citation Index, or Arts & Humanities Citation Index. Some special consideration is given in the evaluation of social science and arts & humanities journals, particularly with regard to citation analysis.

Many factors are taken into account when evaluating journals for coverage, ranging from the qualitative to the quantitative. The journal`s basic publishing standards, its editorial content, the international diversity of its authorship, and the citation data associated in isolation,but by combining and interrelating the data, the editor is able to determine the journal`s overall strengths and weaknesses.

Thomson Reuters editors performing journal evaluations have educational backgrounds relevant to their areas of responsibility as well as experience and education in information science



Comparatively social science journals is being publish slower than science technology journals. This will effects the number of papers in social sciences - thus will effect the citation counts. Making it a big issue among social scientist researchers.

Scopus and ISI thomson (WOS) mentioned than only about 10 - 12% papers were published in any tears. Scopus only published 17% from the total paper accepted(?) in 2008. The competition among writers are very intense. There ways though that could be use to increase the chances of your papers being publish. Such as....1. collaborate internationally 2. write together with scientist in many fields ....this are 2 points I could share here. Comments are welcome