Basic Journal Standards part #2

Thomson Reuters also notes whether or not the journal follow international editorial conventions, which optimize retrievability of source articles. These conventions include informative journal titles, fully descriptive article tittles and abstracts, complete bibliographic information for all cited references, and full address information for every author.

English is the universal language of science at this time in history. It is for this reason that Thomson Reuters focuses on journals that publish full text in English or at very least, their bibliographic information in English. There are many journals covered in Web of Science that publish only their bibliographic information in English with full text in another language.

However, going forward, it is clear that the journals most important to the international research community will publish full text in English. This is especially true in the natural sciences. In addition, all journals must have cited references in the Roman Alphabet.

Application of the peer review process is another indication of journal standards and indicates overall quality of the research presented and the completeness of cited references. It is also recommended that, whenever possible, each article publish information on the funding source supporting the research presented.

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