INFO SHARING @ PTAR - Library Connect Newsletter 11.2: The Social Library

Library Connect Newsletter 11.2 membawa pembaca kepada pengalaman, tips berguna dan tren menarik pustakawan dan para cendekiawan dunia berkenaan The Social Library. Teks penuh artikel pada keluaran ini boleh dirujuk dengan melayari pautan tersebut:

1) Gamifying library orientation at the University of California, San Diego
By Marlo Young, Virtual Education Coordinator, UC San Diego Social Sciences & Humanities Library

Gamification enabled the UC San Diego Library to scale library orientation across six undergraduate colleges and more than 5,000 incoming students, increasing the level of active learning and student engagement, while significantly reducing the time required to deliver orientation.

2) E-informing the public: Libraries and e-government
By Luanne Freund, Assistant Professor, School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of British Columbia

With government delivering information and services to the public directly through online channels, the role of libraries is changing. The E-informing the Public research project investigates the shift to digital government and its impact on public access to government information.

3) Helping scholars tell their stories using altmetrics
By Paul Groth, Assistant Professor, Web & Media Group, VU University Amsterdam, and Mike Taylor, Research Specialist, Elsevier Labs
There is growing interest in the academic community in how we might measure scholarly activity online beyond formal citation. The collection, analysis and presentation of data about how people share and discuss academic papers are known as altmetrics.

4) How to find and create social media content for your library
By Ginna Gauntner Witte, Coordinator of Circulation Services, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

While library staff must learn the technology and the format behind each social media tool, one of the largest challenges in social media management is generating content. Here are some suggestions for creating a pool of social media content and for finding new ideas.

5) Quick wins for mobile technologies at the University of Surrey Library
By Claire Gill, Virtual Support & eServices Developer, and Claire Gravely, Information Resources Advisor for Cataloguing and Metadata, University of Surrey Library
The University of Surrey Library has been investigating ways to improve support for the increased use of smartphones and tablets by users. They have concentrated on goals that can be achieved quickly and with little outlay of time or resources.

6) Liking, sharing and tweeting with LORA: De La Salle University Library's savvy avatar
By Perseus Rex M. Molina, Laurence Anthony G. Narvaez and Marian Ramos-Eclevia, Associate Librarians, De La Salle University
In an effort to communicate with their library users via social media, the De La Salle University Library has evolved a variety of channels including a Facebook page, blog and Twitter account "staffed" by a smart and trendy librarian avatar.

7) Consolidating Mexican researchers' profiles in Scopus
By Claudio Fernández Ortega, Reference Librarian, Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares
A three-person team worked to unify Scopus profiles of approximately 12,000 researchers within Mexico's National System of Researchers (SNI). Multiple profiles can negatively affect citations, and in turn, calculations such as h-index, Impact Factor, or some other bibliometric measure.

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