INFO SHARING@PTAR - Library Connect Newsletter 10:3 - Information Literacy (Part 2)

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Library Connect Newsletter keluaran November 2012 Edisi ke-2 memaparkan amalan pustakawan di beberapa organisasi yang menggunakan pelbagai teknologi baru dalam program literasi maklumat beserta contoh-contoh dalam aspek pelaksanaan dan penilaian. Teks penuh artikel tersebut boleh dirujuk dengan melayari pautan berikut:-

1) Tips for creating and sharing instructional videos
By Chad F. Boeninger, Head of Reference and Business Librarian, Ohio University

To make the most of students' research time and to provide on-demand help options, I started making videos that demonstrate the more complicated (but often most needed) research tools. Read here about how to customize and create instructional videos.

2) NUS libraries experiments with Web conferencing software for instruction
By Aaron Tay, Senior Librarian & E-Service Facilitator, National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore (NUS) Libraries started using Web conferencing software to conduct information literacy sessions in August 2011. With Web conferencing software, we are able to host "live" sessions, allowing online questions and interaction through polls and chats.

3) Information competence development for Lithuanian academic community
By Gintarė Tautkevičienė, Associate Professor, Kaunas University of Technology, and Emilija Banionytė, Library Director, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences

In July 2012, the Lithuanian Research Library Consortium completed a three-year project to substantively improve the access to worldwide scientific information, and to enhance the competency of the academic community in searching for, retrieving and using information resources.

4) Librarian and faculty collaboration in building information literacy at Özyeğin University
By İlkay Holt, Director of Libraries, Özyeğin University 

Librarians at Özyeğin University in Istanbul design the content and delivery of their information literacy programs around the needs of students with differing English language abilities.

5) Engineering librarians play a vital role in Engineering Village evolution
By Colleen DeLory, Editor, Library Connect Newsletter, Elsevier

Engineering librarians Randy Reichardt, University of Alberta, and Jay Bhatt, Drexel University, discuss their involvement in the evolution of Engineering Village.

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