Website VS Blog ; Why should I choose Blog over Website?

Blog and website are two different ways of sharing information or communication method yet they two provide almost the same stand and function; to provide people whatever they need whether it is information, product or even services. Nowadays, as you can see and based on my own experiences, blog and website is a common things that every person should have. 
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Blog for example can allow you to share information and creative opinion throughout the world and you can even create a blog in order to earn some commission through a specific program, but that is not the question around here. Our topic for discussion will be focused on which is better or which is overpower which?

There are a lot of questions that been asked by people regarding this topic. For example:

Blog benefits and advantages over a website? Which is the best?

Before we through the topic let me enlist some of the information regarding the blog and the website and some of the features that they have.

The following explains the basic differences between a blog and a website:

– Content is regularly updated.
- Not formal.
- Interactive.
- Informative and educational.
- Interactivity about industry/customer issues.
- Some people have a blog.

– Content is static.
- Formal/professional.
- Interactivity does not exist. There is only one-way communication.
- Transactional.
- Communication about products and/or services.
- Almost everyone has a website. In fact, it is almost a requirement in business today.

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