Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak telah melanggan PDAT baharu iaitu UpToDate seperti berikut:

Pautan : http://ezaccess.library.uitm.edu.my/login

Tempoh Langganan : 1 Disember 2017 sehingga 30 November 2018
Akses : Melalui IP Range untuk UiTM Shah Alam, UiTM Kampus Cawangan Selangor dan Perak

Features :

1. UpToDate® is committed to innovation and value so we continually make enhancements that help clinicians provide better
patient care. Some of our key product features include:

2. Mobile Apps — With an individual subscription or UpToDate Anywhere, users can access UpToDate clinical decision support
on the go from any mobile browser or our award-winning UpToDate Mobile Apps, available for most leading devices. Learn more.

3. What’s New — the "What's New" feature provides clinicians with a summary of, in our editors' view, the most important new 
information added in recent weeks. Learn more. 

4. Practice Changing UpDates — This section highlights specific new recommendations and/or updates that we anticipate may 
change usual clinical practice. Learn more.

5. Patient Education — UpToDate includes more than 1,500 corresponding patient information topics, plus more than 1,000 
in universal Spanish. Clinicians can review this information with patients in the exam room, print out as handouts, or send via 
email. Learn more.

6. Integrated Patient Education — UpToDate and Lexicomp® have collaborated to provide comprehensive, embedded, and 
integrated patient education solutions for EMRs and other healthcare applications. Learn more.

7. Search Features — UpToDate streamlines search capabilities by enabling queries and navigation in multiple languages.
Learn more.

8. Graphics Search — This powerful search engine feature allows subscribers to search tens of thousands of pictures, 
charts, movies, illustrations and more – all without ever leaving UpToDate. Learn more.

9. Medical Calculators — UpToDate includes calculators to help you quickly and accurately calculate many different 
medical measurements. Learn more.

10. Feedback — Because some of the most important contributions to UpToDate come from our clinician subscribers, 
we’ve incorporated a feedback button that allows you to submit questions and comments to our editors. Learn more.

11. Drugs & Drug Interactions — Clinicians can quickly check for possible drug-to-drug and drug-to-herb interactions 
with the UpToDate drug interactions program (in partnership with Lexicomp®). Learn more.

12. Link to Full-Text Articles — We provide convenient links to full text of referenced articles (provided your institution 
subscribes to a service that allows this access). Learn more.

'Selamat Mengakses Pangkalan Data Atas Talian UpToDate.

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