How to Effectively Publicize Your Research

How to Effectively Publicize Your Research
A well-publicized piece of research can inform and shape public debate and can often be the bridge that connects you, the researcher in the laboratory, to the general public. An online piece in the Guardian or Sydney Morning Herald will be read by...Read More
What Comes Next? Survey Analysis and Segmentation
You’ve sent out a survey, and you’ve received great responses. Hundreds, even thousands, of people answered your questions. You have looked at the results and noticed some interesting trends. Now what? How can you use the results of your...Read More
Peer Review in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Much of the debate around peer review focuses on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields, resulting in humanities and social science (HSS) fields often being overlooked.What are the similarities and differences between the...Read More

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