Bengkel bersama penerbit - Guide to Getting Published

Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak (PTAR) dengan kerjasama Institut Pengurusan Penyelidikan & Inovasi (IRMI),  menganjurkan program bersama penerbit-"Guide to Getting published"dijalankan pada ketetapan berikut:
Emerald - "Guide to Getting Published"

Tarikh      : 02 Disember 2015 (Selasa)
Masa        : 10:00 pagi - 12.00 tengah hari
Tempat    : Auditorium, Perpustakaan Pengurusan Perniagaan Tun Abdul Razak,UiTM Shah Alam

At Emerald Group Publishing Limited, we conduct a workshop on “A Guide to Getting Published” ( GGP ) for budding and aspiring authors which includes all faculty members who have not yet published their research papers in international peer reviewed journals; doctoral candidates and research students.
The session will share tips for getting published from a publisher’s viewpoint as well as feedback from editors and reviewers. It is useful for first timers and those whose papers got rejected or papers which need to be revised.
The session is for a maximum of two and a half  hours including Q & A. It will be delivered in English and interaction with the speaker is encouraged.
GGP will not cover areas such as research methods, writing styles and presentation but will touch on how to get your research published.
The contents of the presentation are as follows:
Introduction to Emerald Management database
The publishing process
Why publish?
Co- authorship
Which journal to publish in?
Journal rankings
How to submit your journal articles?
What makes a good paper from an editor’s and reviewer’s point of view?
Peer review
Analysis of rejected articles
Useful resources
Beyond authorship
If you are interested to organise a GGP at your university, please let me know and I will schedule in your request.
The GGP workshop is complimentary as you are our valued subscriber.
If there is any particular area of interest or specific issues that you would like to be addressed, please do let me know before the workshop so that I can include the concerns during the workshop or separately, if requested to do so.
Wishing you a productive, enjoyable and enlightening journey in your current and future research.

Penceramah : Mr.Ben Sng,Emerald Publishing

Ben Sng is the senior consultant for publishing relationships based at the KL office of Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
He has been associated with Emerald since October 1983, initially promoting and managing the business school and later in 1995 took on the responsibility of promoting and managing Emerald's publishing business in the Far East.

Since January 2011, he has taken on this new role which involves supporting aspiring authors, editors, reviewers, researchers, faculty members and doctoral candidates who wish to publish their research in International peer reviewed scholarly journals. He conducts a "Guide to Getting Published" and has completed over sixty such sessions so far with Institutions of Higher Learning.

By profession he is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant and an MBA graduate since 1985. He has taught on the MBA programme and supervised some of the MBA thesis.

His deep interest in adult learning, training and education has enabled him to appreciate the high quality management research that Emerald has been producing and a strong supporter of "Research You Can Use".

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