Trial Access E-MAREFA

Trial Access E-MAREFA

Please be informed that E-MAREFFA has give us the opportunity to review it  and can be accessed via links as below:
Trial period : 31 December 2015


First: Magnitude and Modernity : 

Marefa database contains:

  • 1373 Academic and statistical journals issued by various bodies (universities, research centers, public statistical departments, central banks, scientific associations, regional organizations) in the Arab world in three languages which are Arabic, English and French
  • Marefa database provides 150.000 articles and statistical reports
  • 15000 theses & dissertations (masters and PhD)
  • The availability of over 9000 book reviews issued in the Arab World
  • This database involves over 280 universities, research centers, statistical apparatus and regional organizations in the Arab world in 19 countries. These bodies supply their journals and publications to Marefa database on regular and continuous basis.
Second: Diversity and Comprehensiveness:

Marefa database encompasses diverse disciplines and scientific specialties whereas each specialty has its own database as follows:

1. Humanities

2. Social sciences

3. Natural sciences

4. Engineering sciences

5.Medical sciences, associated sciences, pharmacology and health sciences

6. Economics, finances and business administration

7. Library science, computer science and information technology

8. Periodic statistical reports

Third: MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data:

Marefa database utilizes MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data which is automatically read and comprehended between computers. Thus it meets the demands of the age of digital libraries. The computer system for Marefa database is equipped with MARC 21 Format which is an exceptional system in both the Arab World and internationally.

 Trial Expired on: 31 December 2015

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