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Library Connect Monthly keluaran Januari 2014 memaparkan perkongsian maklumat tentang 'The Library Connect Top 10 of 2013' dan artikel bertemakan 'The Library and the Research Enterprise'. Teks penuh artikel pada keluaran ini boleh dirujuk dengan melayari pautan tersebut:

1) The Library Connect Top 10 of 2013
From research data to social librarianship, this content by librarians and industry experts resonated with our subscribers around the world.


2) Designing libraries for research collaboration in the network world
by Sheila Corral, University
Digital scholarship and the problem of research data offer libraries the chance to shed their "support service" label and become research collaborators. Yet academics often see the library as "a dispensary of goods" not project partners.


3) The University of Queensland Library: a partner on scholarship
by Amberyn Thomas, The University of Queensland
The library is an essential element in the strong culture of research excellence at The University of Queensland (UQ), an Australian university that has been ranked repeatedly among the world’s top 100.


4) Librarians and institutional assessment tools: a new opportunity
by Elizabeth Brown, Binghamton university
More and more academic campuses are acquiring access to institutional assessment tools to track faculty productivity and identify peers and competitors. How can libraries and librarians use these tools to support campus programs? 

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