Repost: Intro to Library Research (slideshare)

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An experimental introduction to research for undergraduate students. Obviously, tons of commentary, stories, examples, interaction, conversation ... would accompany the slides.


2. Research

3. Our Agenda Information Literacy The Research Process Research Resources

4. Information Literacy • Is not just a necessity, but a basic human right that 
promotes social inclusion in all nations. • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

5. Critical Thinking Skills • the ability to reflect critically upon and evaluate their own research strategies, • the tools used, • the resources found • and the context in which the resources were produced.

6. Text Text Text Where do I begin?

7. Research Process 1. Find and develop a topic 2. Find background information 3. Find books about your topic 4. Find newspaper and journal articles about your topic 5. Find Websites 6. Evaluate what you find 7. Cite the material you use

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