Government Publications and annual reports for your research needs

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Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak’s collection of reports  is available for reference at the 2nd floor of the main library.  It contains mainly government publications but reports from the banking sectors and other bodies are also avaliable.  The reports which started from the year 1992 to the present are categorized as follows:

1. Ministries
2. Departments
3. Institutes
4. Commission
5. Agency
6. Bank
7. Board
8. Council
9. Office               
10. Corporation
11. Library
12. Unit
13. Foundation
14. Association
15. Organisation
16.  Centre
17. University
18. Polytechnic
19. College
20. Others

 Annual Report @ Level 2, PTAR 1 (UTAMA)

You can view the annual report here:

Guideline for you to search Annual Reports:
How To Search for Annual Report- WebInfoLine (PDF)
How To Search for Annual Report (PDF)