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KOHA adalah sumber perisian yang percuma dan terbuka untuk kegunaan perpustakaan. Pembangunan perisian ini adalah ditaja oleh pelbagai syarikat dari seluruh dunia. Maklumat lanjut boleh dibaca seperti dibawah;

KOHA is just another library management system. It’s an Open Source & its free. Being used by more than 1000 libraries around the globe. In Malaysia, we have installed 6 libraries in year 2008. 

Five in year 2009 and 4 libraries for this year. Our installation projection for next coming years would be double, triple or more than ones expectation are based on the interest and confidence level of library user on Open Source Environment.

KOHA is a comprehensive system and it really meant for all kind of libraries or information centres. Beside KOHA is a FREE system, it also designed and technology used able to suite to all types of libraries, such as academic, public, college, school etc. 

KOHA is a system for the 21st Century – the beginning of new library system.

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