Educational blogs vs General purpose blogs

Most teachers/lecturers first heard of blog from their students or in the media. In public domain, blog is commonly used as personal online journals. Blog users write about their everyday happening, share their life with their friends and peers, exchange information on casual topics. 

Therefore, blogs give an impression of chit chat and gossip to public in general.  I name this kind of blog as general purpose blog.  Educational blogs, as opposed to general purpose blogs, have different purpose and audience. Blogs of different uses are illustrated below.

We may further disctinct general purpose blog and educational blogs by its purpose, audience, theme and structure. Educational blogs are designed for learning and teaching purpose. The target audience are students, teachers and lecturers. Educational blogs are usually tie with the curriculum and more structured as compared with general purpose blog. It aims to increase interaction, participation and promote peer learning. 

The comparison of general purpose blog and educational blog is shown below.

click for enlarge

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