What Researcher ID delivers?

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What it Delivers?

1) A custom author identifier number and search system in a free, safe, and secure environment.

2) A way to identify the complete body of published works for specific researcher.

3) Easy access to standardized, clarified author names and citation information.

4) Resolution of author misidentification.

5) An opportunity to manage public presentation of personal metrics.

6) Access to a global, multi-disciplinary scholarly research community.


What YOU can do?

1) Search the author registry to locate colleagues and view their profile.

2) Find citations, collaborators, key thought leaders, speakers, editors and re-viewer.

3) Track citation counts, average citations, and H-Index for ResearcherID participants.

4)Register to manage your own publication list.

5) Share your personal publication URL with others- include it in your e-signature.

6) Explore citation maps to see how research is used globally.