Report ISI Thomson Reuters Talk


Talk on the ISI by Thomson Reuters had been organized by RMI and cooperated with PTAR as a host. The purposes of program are to provide opportunities for participants to learn about ISI Web of Knowledge Online Database, which was subscribed by PTAR. Through this program, participants had learned about the use of "smart discovery", "ISI Journal Selection Process", Journal Citation report, EndNotes and Researcher ID.


"To improve the quality of journals, articles and research In Malaysia. With the explosion of available information (truthful u / validated and false / non-validated types), it is Important to retrieve what is relevant and useful. "

( Dr.Razidah with Mr. Patrick See)

(Speaker Lim Khee Hiang)
Prinsipal Trainer Customer Education
Thomsom Reurters

( Information on the ISI Thomson)

( Mr. Rajdev Narayanasamy)
Senior Regional Sales Maganer. South & SE Asia

( Mr. Sharol Nizam Johol, Officer RSSD (Librarian) )


  • There are 42 participants involved in program.
  • This program was attended by, the University Research Committees, post-graduate students, and PTAR librarians.
  • Opening speech by Prof Madya Dr Hjh Razidah Ismail from the Institute of Management Research (RMI)
  • Then, the program continued with a briefing by the ISI Web of Knowledge by En.Lim Khee Hiang.
  • In the evening, there were hands on ISI Web of Knowledge and the Journal Citation Report by En.Lim Khee Hiang and assist by Rajdev Narayanasamy.


1. Delivery services for if the books available for example, PTAR 3 - PTAR 1 
2. More guidance on how to use the EndNotes.
3. Increase the time for "Hands On"


The program has been carried out properly. In the presence of 42 participants were to some extent to achieve the objective of this program focuses on the use of the database ISI Web of Knowledge. This program also provides exposure to participants on ISI Thomson especially EndNotes and Researcher ID specifically.